PoliticalProfanity.com is a blog which began under humble means and delivers a healthy blend of news and scandal in a very enlightening and entertaining way. He is not some “official” White House reporter, but Taylor Norris otherwise known as “Your Trusty Reserve”  is extremely passionate, knowledgeable (but always learning like all of us) and can filter through this ridiculous flood of the more traditional and biased opinions of mainstream media so you don’t have to. This blog is mainly just an undiluted approach to the biggest love hate relationship we all have, politics. While also helping to out some of those old and elusive skeletons we all know many politician’s have hiding in their closets and wish they would just forever disappear.

With all the different opinions on politics, he comes from an outside perspective looking through all the profanity happening everyday in Washington D.C. Specifically, “an outsider looking in” unencumbered by the world of journalism school and biased news agencies.

So why call himself “Your Trusty Reserve”? Well, it was an idea merely to pay homage to someone who was very special in his life while he attended high school. Just one of those teachers we all have, whom at times was actually the substitute. Boiled down to a man who in his 70′s still taught and every time he walked into the classroom, the first thing he would do is write his name in cursive as “Mr. Bob Paul, Your Trusty Reserve.” Someone who was really able to connect with high school kids. People looked at him like their own grandpa. A wise man indeed. In fact, you can find his Facebook fan page here and more info here.

Having said that, I recommend you to stop by and post a little something that’s on your mind concerning this ever growing disaster of Washington D.C. politics. Anything goes just as long as you don’t threaten someone else’s life. I’m not here to censor you. That isn’t why I started this website. So, if using those fun little four letter words is cathartic for you when talking about these seemingly unrepresentative/shady/unethical/two-faced politicos than knock yourself out. The site is called PoliticalProfanity.com for a reason.