Apologize for the Abscence!

Hey everyone. To all readers near and far:

I just wanted to apologize for my abrupt abscence from writing about everyone’s favorite shining stars on a hill. Yes, I am still a live and luckily haven’t fallen off any cliff. To make a long story short, around the 10th of May my computer was sent to a service center to fix my LCD screen and they ultimately had to replace my hard-drive. I didn’t even have a chance get to say goodbye to my 700 gb worth of data. Poo on you Asus.

Luckily, I have all my files backed up so we should be up and running as soon as I get my machine back. Should be delivered by around June 5th or 6th so sit tight! And thank you so much for being so patient. In the meantime, keep your stick on the ice.

- Your Trusty Reserve

Update: So, you’re probably all wondering what the f is going on. I had to RE-SEND my computer AGAIN all the way back to California last week after patiently waiting almost four from the beginning of this fun little ordeal. 

Asus’ “technical support” sent my computer back last week around the 6th. All seemingly fine and dandy until I dug a little further into the proverbial money pit this thing is slowly becoming. As it seems, the bafoons neglected to install the other 600 Gb of total storage on my computer and instead leave me with 439. So dear folks that in a nut shell is what happened. I should be getting this damn thing back tomorrow around 7pm CST so the following day I’m gonna publish some fun little tidbits that would even make everyone’s favorite drunken aunts on TV blush. Kathie Lee Gifford & Co. I’m looking in your direction. 

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